Professor Alex Reed
Background information
Age N/A
Gender Male
Hometown Newark, New Jersey
Occupation Professor
Parents Monroe Reed
Elizabeth "Liz" Reed
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Love interests Carla Reed (spouse; 2003-)
Portrayed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Prof. Alex Reed is an online 20th century American literature professor at NYU.


He's a loving dad, who's a neat-freak, and loves sports, cooking, and fine wines. Born and raised and Newark, New Jersey, he's the first of his blue-collar family to go to college, an accomplishment he doesn't take for granted. He attended Howard University as an undergrad, where he and Carla were casual acquaintances until they reconnected at a mutual friend's wedding. The began dating shortly after, and the rest is history. Recently, he decided to leave the classroom at NYU so Carla could expand her psychology practice. He also homeschools Alexis from home, as well.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Let's Talk About Jealousy, Carla's insecurites come out when she deals with a a lusty patient who she believes is flirting with him.

In Let's Talk About Daddy's Little Girl, he begins to fret about the fact that he overpampers Alexis.