Carla Reed

Dr. Carla Reed is a highly successful psychologist who's also the mother to the kids in Reed Between the Lines.


Carla is a happy mother who tries to balance and work and chaotic home life. She grew up in a solid, middle class family that valued stability and education. But her perfect world fell apart when she was attending wikipedia:Howard University, it was then discovered her father had a secret family. It was in college that she met her ex-husband Marcus Reynolds, in which whom she'd had twins, Keenan and Kaci. After receiving her PhD in psychology, she moved to New York to take over a colleague's private practice and make a fresh start. She ran into Alex at a mutual friend's wedding and began dating. They wed a year later, when the twins were 5 years old. Alex helped raise them as if they were his own. They had their own child, Alexis a year later.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Let's Talk About Jealousy, her insecurites got the best of her when she counseled a lusty patient.

In Let's Talk About Daddy's Little Girl, a sandwich worker flirted with everyone--except her.