The following is a list of episodes for the BET sitcom, Reed Between the Lines. The show debuted on October 11, 2011. The series follows a modern-day blended family as they navigate life’s ups and downs with wit and humor. It stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Dr. Carla and Alex Reed. All episode titles will begin with "Let's Talk About..."

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 October 11, 2011 December 20, 2011

Season 1: 2011Edit

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 "Let's Talk About Jealousy" Sheldon Epps Kellie R. Griffin October 11, 2011 101 3.3

Keenan and Kaci fuss about who was born first and Kaci's new love interest, Dillon. Later in the episode, a slightly obnoxious Dillon joins the family for dinner. When Dillon's mother Dominique comes to pick him up, Carla discovers that she already knows her. And her secrets. Dominique is a sex addict that she recently treated at her office. And now she's at the door asking Alex if he'll be chaperoning a school trip that she'll be attending the next day. Carla decides she will attend the trip instead. Alex, who is a stay at home English professor, shows up to the museum anyway, but is rushed out by his wife when she senses Dominique's advances. Guest star: Robin Givens as Dominique

2 2 "Let's Talk About Daddy's Little Girl" Mary Lou Belli Teri Schaffer October 11, 2011 102 2.9

Carla and Alex are excited that the kids are out for the night. Alexis, the seven year old "baby", is headed to her first sleep over and Keenan and Kaci are off to a party. After a candle lit dinner, the couple is ready for dessert, but the evening is cut short when Alexis is brought home early. It turns out that she threw a tantrum and was mean to the other children. The neighbor insinuates that Alexis might have a behavioral problem. Carla initially disagrees of course but later reconsiders the notion. After a confession from Alex who admits to spoiling his daughter, and Alexis, who admitted to acting out because she couldn't get her way, the family decides to stop catering to her. It takes some time but in the end Alexis grows to be more independent. She even prepares her own bowl of cereal. Guest star: Wesley Jonathan as Michael

3 3 "Let's Talk About Anger Management" Mary Lou Belli Arthur Harris October 18, 2011 103 1.2

Carla tries to help Helen, who has already enlisted in phone psychics, make sense of her dream about Idris Elba. Helen is not happy with a clinical analysis and prefers interpretations that cost 3 dollars a minute. Later Rashaad, a professional basketball player, is forced to see Dr. Reed for anger management. She drops some gems about his displaced anger and victim role. Her advice: Smile more. Rashaad takes the doc's suggestions but ultimately plays too nice. His new attitude affects his game and he credits his new style to Dr. Reed. Now everyone is mad at her, and her family. Fans blame her for his new losing formula but after another visit, she gets to the real issue behind his behavior and forces him to take ownership for all his decisions. Guest star: Ron Artest as Rashaad

4 4 "Let's Talk About Hair" Sheldon Epps Angela Yarbrough October 18, 2011 104 1.1

Kaci and Keenan audition for the high school play. Keenan lands the stage manager role and is excited because the position is one of power and girls like men in power. Kaci secures the lead as Queen of the Elves but is forced to wear a long and matted wig because a queen's hair is always "flowing and luxurious". Hating the look of the wig, she decides to just straighten her own curly do. She resents having to do this because she's convinced her natural curls are pretty enough. That is until Blake, her crush, compliments her on her new look. Suddenly she's in love with her straight hair and even contemplates getting a relaxer. Carla, really concerned about Kaci's decision, talks it over with Alex and decides it time to have that "other" important talk mothers have with daughters. Carla and Alex wait until Blake comes over to stage a performance. Carla pretends to be a Stepford wife, dusting, cooking and totally catering to her man. She downplays her accomplishments and career and focuses solely on Alex and his needs. Kaci grows angry at the antics but realizes she should never have to change for a man. The next day Blake confirms this affirmation with an "I always liked you." Guest star: Christopher B. Duncan as Mr. Harris

5 5 "Let's Talk About Competition" Sheldon Epps George Blake October 25, 2011 105 0.950

Carla and Alex join Gabby's dance class and Carla has trouble catching the beat. When Gabby tries to help her, Carla feels that Gabby is being condescending towards her. They later settle it with a dance-off. Meanwhile, Keenan decides he's going to run for 9th grade class president and asks Kaci to be his campaign manager. She accepts, but later doesn't feel like Keenan is taking the election seriously. Instead, she enters the election herself and they both try to outplay one another. Guest star: Romeo Miller as Darius

6 6 "Let's Talk About Dishonesty" Mary Lou Belli Fred Johnson and Arthur Harris October 25, 2011 106 0.954

Carla treats a new patient whose greedy children want control over her estate. Carla doesn't see anything wrong with the woman at first, but later discovers she has Sundowners syndrome where she's lucid during the day, but starts to loose her mental faculties as the day goes on. Meanwhile, Keenan goes out with the family for ice cream instead of telling them he needs more time to study for a standardized test. In order to pass, he copies answers from the girl sitting next to him, not knowing that they have different tests. When he scores 13%, his teacher calls Alex and they have a meeting with Keenan to suggest that he be put in a program for kids who are struggling academically in an attempt to get him to admit the truth. When he doesn't, Alex begins to treat him as if he isn't capable of doing simple tasks. Guest star: Amy Hill as Mrs. McDonaugh

7 7 "Let's Talk About Computer Love" Linda Mendoza George Blake November 1, 2011 107 0.918

It's risqué business for Keenan when Alex finds out he has been sneaking downstairs at night to look at lusty computer sites. Meanwhile, Carla counsels a daughter (Lauren London) who has given up on her dreams because she's too concerned about her mother, Valencia. Valencia (Vernee Watson) is an alcoholic in denial who is verbally abusive towards her daughter. Carla tries to get her to admit she has a problem. Guest stars: Lauren London as Jentry and Vernee Watson as Valencia

8 8 "Let's Talk About Affairs" Sheldon Epps Stacey McClain November 1, 2011 108 0.963

Carla treats a couple who she believes is married. She later finds out that they are only dating and the man is cheating on his wife. He claims the relationship is over and he and his wife are only staying together for their kids. This is doesn't sit right with Carla because it reminds her of how her own father was having an affair. Meanwhile, Alex sees that someone has broken the vase that Carla bought and asks the kids who did it. None of them confess, so he punishes them by not letting them use anything with a screen. After they've had enough, they each separately confess. When Alex gets them all in the kitchen, he reveals that each of them confessed to the same crime. It is later revealed that Ms. Helen broke the vase. Guest stars: Leon Robinson as Don and Lela Rochon as Sherri

9 9 "Let's Talk About Boys in Tights" Leonard R. Garner, Jr. Stacey McClain November 8, 2011 109 1.1

Alex thinks that Keenan is lazy and wants him to become more active. He takes Keenan down to the Recreation Center to choose an activity to participate in. Keenan chooses Rhythmic gymnastics and Alex doesn't believe it's a real sport. After feuding with Carla about it, he decides to support Keenan and the family goes to watch his performance. Meanwhile, Gabriella wades into the dating pool after taking Ms. Helen's advice about men. She begins seeing a water delivery man (Mel Jackson), but he proves to be an obsessive sort. Gabriella now needs Ms. Helen to help get rid of him. Guest star: Mel Jackson as James

10 10 "Let's Talk About Forgiveness" Joe Menendez Meg DeLoatch November 8, 2011 112 1.2

Carla and Alex attend Alex's high-school reunion. There they see one of Alex's ex-girlfriends, Vanessa, who gives Alex a dirty look when she walks by. When Carla asks him what it was about, it is revealed that Alex cheated on Vanessa 20 years ago with her sister. Carla is upset because when she first met Alex, she asked him if he had ever cheated on one of his ex-girlfriends and he lied. Secrets about Carla's past are later revealed. Meanwhile, Ms. Helen is babysitting the kids while Carla and Alex are away. The new girl next door that Keenan likes stops by and he has trouble finding the right words. Kaci helps him by texting him things to say in exchange for him doing her chores for two weeks.

Guest star: Eddie George as JJ Note: Due to this episode airing out of production order, Alexis mentions what school she goes to before the episode where she went back to school aired.

11 11 "Let's Talk About Change" Joe Menendez Meg DeLoatch November 15, 2011 111 1.1

Alexis goes back to school; Carla hires an intern to help out Ms. Helen. Guest stars: Kamar De Los Reyes as Mr. Guillory and Darryl Stephens as Perry

12 12 "Let's Talk About Scared Money" Mary Lou Belli Lamont Ferrell November 15, 2011 110 1.1
Keenan wins a school raffle and wants to spend his money on materialistic things. Alex takes him to his first apartment to show him the value of money and teach him a valuable lesson about finances. Elsewhere, Kaci visits her Carla's workplace as part of a school assignment and Ms. Helen realizes that she made a bigger impact on Kaci than Carla did.
13 13 "Let's Talk About Boundaries" Eric Dean Seaton Lamont Ferrell November 22, 2011 113

Kaci's school protest; Carla, Gabby and Ms. Helen get kicked out of a spa. Guest star: Affion Crockett as Warren

14 14 "Let's Talk About School Fundraisers" Eric Dean Seaton Lamont Ferrell November 22, 2011 114

Carla joins the fundraising committee; There's a search for the runaway hamster. Guest star: Lauren Tom as Kim