Kaci Reynolds
Kaci Reynolds
Background information
Age 14
Gender Female
Hometown New York
Occupation High school student
Parents Carla Reed, Marcus Reynolds
Siblings Keenan Reynolds, Alexis Reed
Friends TBA
Love interests Dillon, Blake
Portrayed by Zoë Soul

Kaci Reynolds is the 14-year old younger twin to Keenan. She's the typical teenage girl: she loves boys, the latest fashions, and talking to her friends--usually about boys and the latest fashions. She's also an excellent natural athlete who participates in a number of school activities.


Kaci is super-sensitive, emotional and overly dramatic. She's intensely interested in environmental causes. She makes sure Carla and Alex keep their home "green," and is frequently outraged by her family's increasing carbon footprint and wasting resources. Kaci hates "family time"--or anything that involves Keenan anyway. Even though they're close, they constantly compete against each other. She knows he purposely tries to get her riled up, but she just can't ignore him.