Keenan Reynolds
Keenan Reynolds
Background information
Age 14
Gender Male
Hometown New York
Occupation High school student
Parents Carla Reed, Marcus Reynolds
Siblings Kaci Reynolds, Alexis Reed
Friends Dylan
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Portrayed by Nadji A. Jeter

Keenan Reynolds is Kaci's fraternal twin and older by two minutes, a fact that he loves to rub in her face. Like most teenage boys, Keenan likes girls, videogames, music and hanging out with his friends. But most of all, he likes to push Kaci's buttons and tease Alexis, simply because he can.


Keenan Reynolds may only be 14 years old, but he already has his own naturally cool swagger. Keenan is a smart kid, but he doesn't work to his full potential. He would rather coast on his good looks and charm, a habit his parents are trying to get him to break. Up until now Keenan hasn't given Carla and Alex much to worry about. But, as he begins to come into his own as a teenager, all of that is starting to change, especially in his relationship with Alex.