Let's Talk About Anger Management
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 18, 2011
Written by Arthur Harris
Directed by Mary Lou Belli
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Let's Talk About Anger Management is the third episode of season 1 of Reed Between the Lines. It aired on October 18, 2011. It recieved 1.2 million viewers on its premiere.


Carla counsels a a basketball star and gets blamed when his game suffers. Now, she has to fix the problem before it gets even worse.


Carla tries to help Helen, who's already enlisted in phone psychics, make sense about her dream about Idris Elba. Helen is not happy about her clinical analysis, and perfers interpretations that cost $3/minute. Later, Rashaad, a professional basketball player is forced to see Dr. Reed for anger management. She drops some gems about displaced anger and victim role. Her advice: Smile more. Rashaad takes the doc's advice but ultimately plays too nice. His new attitude affects his game and he credits his style to Dr. Reed. Now, everyone is mad at her and her family. Fans are angry at her for his new losing formula, but after another visit, she gets the real issue about his behavior, and forces him to take ownership for all his decisions.


Special guest star



  • This is the first episode when a main character is absent.